Financial Information

At Vancouver Oral Surgery Group, we will work with you to help you understand the cost of your proposed treatment. We will assist you in maximizing your insurance reimbursement for covered procedures. To assist us in this task, please provide us with insurance information upon scheduling an appointment. In addition, please bring your dental and medical insurance cards with you to your first appointment to help expedite the insurance process.


Insurance benefits vary not only from company to company but from plan to plan, within each insurance company. Please be aware that insurance may pay only a percentage of the costs associated with your treatment. Yearly deductible, calendar maximums, and individual fee schedules may also apply. Any unpaid balance is the patient’s responsibility. It is advised that you contact your insurance provider to confirm the amount of coverage you have so that you may accurately determine your out-of-pocket expenses for the proposed treatment.

We are not preferred providers by most insurance companies, and benefits may be considered under the out-of-network portion of your benefit plan. For specific out-of-network benefits please contact your insurance carrier. We are the preferred providers of most DELTA DENTAL insurances, however, plan benefits will vary. Please request a pre-determination as outlined below.


If requested by the patient, we will request pre-determination by your insurance carrier to determine what portion of the charges will be covered. Depending on the insurance provider, we may be able to quickly access this information online. If the request is submitted by mail, processing and a response may take several weeks. As noted on all pre-determinations returned from insurance, it is not a guarantee of exact payment and determination can only be made once the actual claim of service is received.

Exams / Consultations:

At your consultation appointment, we request payment for the office visit and radiographs / virtual scans taken. If your insurance policy provides coverage for these charges we will bill your insurance and you will receive a statement if there is a balance after we receive payment from your insurance company.


At the time of surgery, we request a down payment agreed upon at the consultation visit or as dictated on the pre-determination from the insurance company.


Patients without insurance are required to pay all charges in full at the time of service. An estimate will be given to you at your consultation appointment for the proposed or planned treatment.


Personal checks, cash, or VISA / DISCOVER / MASTERCARD are accepted, as well as HSA and other health savings account-type cards associated with our credit card carriers. In addition, we take CareCredit.

Patients may also apply for CareCredit by clicking here. We offer up to a 12-month interest-free plan through CareCredit, upon approval. Our Office Financial Policy can be found here. A copy of this will also be available for you at your appointment.