Patient Testimonials

Let’s be honest, there really isn’t anything super horrible about getting your teeth pulled out as a child.  Think about it…

+ Missing part, if not a full day of school to go to your appointment 
+ The ability to blatantly ignore an adult once those sunglasses and Walkman were on
+ Rummaging around the treasure chest for an awesome post-appointment toy 
+ Gaining braggers rights by sporting your missing tooth in a tooth shaped necklace
+ Eating ice cream for dinner
+ Visits from the Tooth Fairy

– Slight discomfort 
– Bloody gauze 

With those lists, I might argue that getting your teeth pulled as a child is all fun and games!  Unfortunately, as I entered the “adult” world  baby teeth free, my treasure chest privileges were lost and my dental experiences were never quite the same.  Now a day I am not what one would call a “model patient.”  In fact, my dentist probably thanked his lucky stars when my x-ray revealed that one of my wisdom teeth was messed up JUST enough to let someone else do the dirty work.  Unsettled by the thought of permanently loosing feeling in my jaw (I love crazy straws way too much to chance it), I called the Vancouver Oral Surgery Group and set up an appointment. 

While at my consultation appointment, my surgeon (Dr. Seidenschmid) diligently reviewed the notes my dentist sent over.  Upon reading “She doesn’t like needles” he looked at me and said “Uhhh…..good!  You would be pretty messed up if you did!  In fact, I would be seriously concerned if you enjoyed getting stuck with a needle!”  It was that very moment when I knew we were going to get along just fine.  The rest of the appointment carried on in a fairly amusing and informative manner.  Who else can say they have had their tooth extraction explained with the analogy of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?!?  Oddly enough, I left my appointment anticipating my surgery merely to hear what comical remarks that day would bring. 

As far as my actual surgery, what I remember went pretty well.  Before I had the chance to freak myself out, the staff and Dr. Seidenschmid kept me informed with all the prep work, using the occasional witty remark to keep me laughing.  Once my IV sedation started, I slipped into la-la land and the next thing I remember was one of the assistants saying “You’re not really flat lining…I just unhooked you from the EKG machine!!!”  After a moment of confusion, I looked at the clock only to see that less than an hour had passed.  How impressive is that?  Aside from feeling like I went to the taxidermist thanks to all that gauze, I felt fine and was ready to head home.  While I did not get a toy or tooth necklace to compensate for the loss of my teeth, I did get my fair share some comical remarks and a fist bump to make my appointments worthwhile.  In the great scheme of things, I think I appreciate those parting gifts a little bit more!

Amanda C.
Portland OR

A big thank you to all the staff at downtown Vancouver Oral. The staff was so friendly, including the dental assistants. Really nice people.  And what can I say about Dr. Boice?  He is the best!  Friendly, compassionate,  and took his time explaining everything!  Having wisdom teeth removed when over 60 is not the easiest thing, but it went better than I would have thought.  Thank you Dr. Boice and all the staff at Vancouver Oral Surgery!!

Gayle S.
Vancouver WA.

This is a great oral surgery practice–if you need the services of an oral surgeon, I can highly recommend this office.

I needed to have a tooth extracted and a consultation regarding an implant. From start to finish, everyone here was highly competent and friendly. They do a superb job of briefing patients regarding all aspects of their condition, from cost to follow up care. They seem to do lots of wisdom tooth procedures with anesthesia ,as I talked to a few people there for follow up appointments, They all had nothing but nice things to say.

The tooth I was having removed had had a root canal, which means it could have been a real ordeal (ask them why–they’ll explain). That being said, although tooth extraction is never fun, my procedure with Dr. Leung went amazingly fast and my discomfort level was very low.  It was a fantastic experience.  Wonderful doctor and unbelievably attentive staff.

Taylor D.